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Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better - BE A SPHERICAL ATHLETE!

APEC's Spherical Fitness is a partnership designed for YOUR life sport.

Spherical Fitness is APEC’s three dimensional high intensity training program exclusive to our adult members. The Spherical program is designed to enhance your daily functioning by progressively increasing the demand from your body in order for you to reach your fitness goals. The main goal of Spherical Fitness is to improve your overall performance capability whether you are training for a sporting or lifetime event. It is for those that are seeking a healthy and fit lifestyle while at the same time being challenged physically and mentally.


Spherical’s unique group training environment allows the coaches to adjust accordingly to ensure each individual at all levels can effectively train. Every group is lead by a professional performance coach to maximize individual improvement and advancements. APEC’s high level coaches will increase your movement efficiency, decrease your risk to injury, and make you stronger, while at the same time help you obtain your body composition goals.




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